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Medical Ear Piercing Specialist

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If you’re getting your child’s ears pierced, you should have it done in a safe and sterile environment. And which do you think is cleaner: a doctor’s office or a jewelry store at the mall? The team at Prospect Pediatrics, PA, in Belleville, New Jersey, not only offers excellent pediatric services, but also provides gentle and medical-grade ear piercing services as well. Call or book an appointment online today, and get your child’s ears pierced worry-free.

Medical Ear Piercing Q & A

Why should I get my child’s ears pierced at a doctor’s office?

While piercing is a minimally invasive and common procedure, the process still carries certain risks that are mitigated when it’s done by a medical professional. If the equipment used to pierce your child’s ear is unclean, they run the risk of contracting blood-transmitted diseases such as:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Tetanus
  • HIV

Even in sterile environments, the process of piercing through your child’s earlobe leaves them susceptible to abscesses, nerve damage, prolonged bleeding, inflammation, skin allergies, and the development of a chronic infection. Having your child’s piercing done under the care and supervision of a medical professional ensures that all safety precautions are being taken.

When should I get my child’s ears pierced?

Since piercing is not a medical necessity, there’s no rush to get it done. It’s recommended to wait until your baby is at least four months old before you pierce their ears. This gives their earlobes enough time to develop and puts them at an age when they’ve had their first round of immunizations to help protect them against infection.

What will happen during my child’s ear piercing?

Gloria Okoh, MD, sterilizes her hands and your child’s earlobes, and might apply a topical numbing cream. She then uses a felt pen to mark the site of the piercing so that you and your child can confirm the exact placement. Then she uses a sterile, medical-grade piercing system to simultaneously puncture the earlobe and place the stud. She only uses each system once and then throws it away after, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

What do I need to do after my child’s ear piercing?

Healing time varies but typically takes 6-8 weeks. You can remove the piercing studs 2-6 months after piercing, but your child will need to wear earrings continuously for up to a year to ensure that the holes don’t shrink.

Make sure to wash your hands before touching the piercing and regularly clean the piercing with antibacterial soap. Don’t pick at or fiddle with the piercing, as this can lead to irritation and infection. Your child should also avoid public pools or hot tubs until the piercing heals.

It’s normal to experience some temporary pain and swelling after the piercing, but if the pain persists, the piercing site might be infected. If you suspect that your child’s piercing is infected, come see Dr. Okoh immediately. Don’t remove the piercing, as this might allow the hole to close up and seal in the infection.